Social Media case study for a firm of solicitors


YVA's brief to us was succinct and focused. Firstly, we were tasked to attract local audiences who are predominantly looking for affordable legal services in the London's Finchley and Central Mayfair areas and secondly, to help connect YVA with partner companies and organisations, partake in trending topics around UK law and to engage with potential customers online.
At court
Law and justice
Solicitor meeting


We devised a social media campaign that was employed to target the right audience, engage in conversations and encourage the sharing of interesting content on a daily basis.


Social media audiences are engaging with content and YVA solicitors gain between 1k – 7k tweet impressions each in a 30 day period. All social pages continue to creep up the social ladder and interested parties are linking from the social pages to the website and visa-versa.
Flock of birds
Social Media followers increased by
Birds looking up
Total online reach
increased by
Bird hatch
Total website hits
increased by
Birds engaging
Online engagement increased by
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