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I've a great looking website displaying the right information. Do I really need SEO?

With the continuous advances in technology and the way people put the Internet at the forefront of their daily lives, just having a website to promote your business, product or service is simply not enough. Without employing some form of SEO you risk not getting indexed for keyword searches in the search engines and therefore missing out on potential sales.

If I use SEO, how long will it take until it returns results?

Unfortunately there is no straight forward answer, but generally results will be noticeable between 4 – 12 weeks. Going forwards however, maintaining these results will very much depend on the activity of search engines, how engaging your website is and what you are generating via social media.

How long will SEO work for my website?

SEO will work for you as long as you allow it too. Due to the ever changing climate of the Internet, SEO should be seen as a long-term investment, using it as the ideal opportunity to grow your business and stay on top of your competition.

If I have a PPC campaign, do I really need SEO as well?

PPC advertising is great for instant results, but can be very costly as a long-term investment. We always recommend clients decide on a budget upfront and then work out how to balance their PPC advertising with SEO and digital marketing.

Why should I opt for organic SEO?

A well-known fact within the SEO industry, is that the top 10 organic keyword positions will attract more attention than the top paid positions, as they tend to be more trusted by searchers.

I've heard about White Hat and Black Hat SEO. What are they and what's the difference?

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are two different work ethics. White Hat describes good and safe practices as recommended by the search engines, whereas Black Hat describes bad and unsafe practices not recommended by the search engines. We are happy to go into this in more detail with you, suffice to say Purple Dove Media only ever uses White Hat ethics.

Can my business benefit from social media?

Provided that you devise a good strategy and use good content, without a doubt! Social media will increase awareness of your business, promote online engagement between you and users and communicate your brand's products, service and offers to a targeted audience.
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