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5 Reasons why small businesses are afraid of social media

Posted by PDM   05/04/2018
You would think that in this day and age every business in the world has incorporated social media as an essential part of their digital marketing strategy. According to a fairly recent survey conducted by Clutch Data and Smart Insight’s ‘How businesses use social media’ reveals that ‘24% of small businesses have no social media presence whatsoever’ that’s just about 1 in 4 small business owners. 

Below we describe 5 common reasons why small businesses, in particular, are afraid of social media and how you can overcome these fears.

1. Too traditional for modern ways

No matter how traditional you are, ignoring the digital revolution won’t make it go away. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to run a modern business without the Internet, a computer and smart mobile devices. Most of your customers will be the Internet and mobile users and a lot more people are tech savvy today more than they were yesterday. Of course, you don’t have to neglect your traditional views, but there may be a significant loss of opportunity to form a relationship and build brand loyalty with your audience if you don’t. 

2. The fear of not being in control

If you fear not being in control of your social media, you are most likely to be aware that social media requires constant monitoring and updates; something you can’t or aren’t prepared to do. The thought of permitting someone else to manage it for you may also be off the radar. Overcoming this fear may not come lightly, but it can be overcome by allowing yourself to firstly, become aware of the benefits of social media for your business and secondly, hiring a professional marketing service to handle it all for you on the basis that they liaise with you prior to creation, publication and distribution of content (usually a weekly or monthly plan is set in place). It’s also worth mentioning to them how you want your brand to be heard and perceived online from the outset. 

3. Not having enough human and financial resources to have a formal strategy

The fear of having to put in long hours to do everything yourself can be an overwhelming feeling. The thought alone of starting and keeping up with it all may also be something to fear, but you have to start somewhere. Try starting slowly and get a project plan underway to make good use of your time and ensure all tasks get done. Alternatively, you can seek small business help. There are digital marketing services out there (Purple Dove Media included) that understand that smaller companies have smaller budgets or start-up costs, therefore will tailor make your formal strategy to suit your business’s online needs and requirements within your marketing budget. 

A few useful tips:
- Check that they directly address your specific goals
- They are upfront about which services are In-house
- They are active in social media and industry news
- They’re focused on the success of your business 
- They practice what they preach
- Check for case studies, testimonials or reviews
- You know who they are and can physically locate them

4. Greater exposure to negative feedback, information leaks, hacking and other risks or concerns. 

Preparing small business policy and procedures, or carefully leading risk assessments beforehand can help to prevent any of fears or concerns that you may have. Provide your internal/In-house marketing staff with these materials so that they’re obliged to abide by them. Alternatively, if you are outsourcing the work to a marketing company or agent it is likely that they will have their own policies to help protect customers information and reputation.

5. I had Social Media but it didn’t work for my business

If you have had a prior bad experience with social media, chances are that you’re finding it difficult to start a new or continue where you left off. Truth is quitting social media is easy, the hard part is the consequences you may face. Let me explain: When you start social media and you start posting updates and building a fan base, people will expect to hear from you on a regular basis, they would also have the assurance that you will respond to their messages should they contact you. Quitting unexpectedly can raise eyebrows and unexpected reactions with your customers and, or followers.  You may also feel out of the loop where your business and, or your competitors are concerned. Only when you delete, hide or quit your social media pages you may start to see their worth. It is never too late to start back up again and make it work for you for the long term. If you would like our help getting started please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help.

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