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Crunchin Data to Make Media

Posted by PDM   04/04/2018
Ever wonder how much money you could save if you would just inject more time, effort and money in conducting your own digital marketing campaigns as opposed to hiring an expert? I am here to tell you that you’re not wrong in wanting to save on your hiring costs, who doesn't want to save money after all. However, what if you actually end up spending more money doing it yourself because of bad marketing decisions? and what if marketing efforts end up taking a lot of time away from your actual business role? Let’s not forget ‘time is money’. Worry less about how much you're going to spend and take a more positive approach and focus on how you can achieve an outstanding return on investment.  I’m not a business coach, nor am I a preacher, but I am a digital marketer who just wants to write to my audiences with honesty and integrity in aid of their marketing decisions. 

Here’s Why digital marketing experts use data to take your marketing to the next level:

It’s all data science to me

A digital marketing expert who has the knowledge, experience and skillset in ‘analytical marketing’ knows where to look for data, how to collect data, segment it and analyse it. Why is this important? Because data is the key to unlocking marketing opportunities.   

Analytical marketers can leverage web behaviour, purchase history, device engagement and so much more. Knowing how to use this data makes it possible to create far more effective marketing strategies than not. "Knowing where to invest to reach your audience requires functional and technical skill sets." ~TEKsystems

Functional and Technical Skillset

Digital marketers who are competent in various different forms of marketing under the digital marketing umbrella will have a broader knowledge and extensive skill set in marketing performed tasks and activities. If you are thinking about carrying out your own digital marketing, ask yourself how good are your technical and design skills and how well do you know about web aesthetics and usability? It goes without saying that ‘digital’ marketing requires at the very least a basic knowledge and experience or functional and technical skillset. 

Social Media Analytics 

One-way a digital marketer can plan to improve a marketing strategy is by adding social media networks to it. Each social network comes with its own calibre of users and a digital marketer will be able to help you establish your potential audience and advise you on which networks are recommended in helping you reach your target audience and fulfil your marketing goals.  What’s more is that a digital marketer will have thorough knowledge in the ins and outs of each social network, for instance, its origins, how it works, what’s new with it, etc. Aside from analytical marketing and other forms of marketing, managed social media is a huge time constraint. However, in a digital age, we have the opportunity to measure and use data to make media and convert. Thus, we can use analytics to our advantage, as digital marketers we would be pretty amateur not to.

Bite-Sized Data Visualisation

Bite-sized visual media or microcontent has been rising for a while now. These are small groups of data in a smart visual form, for example, a small video to communicate persuasive and concise key messages to a target audience. A digital marketer will have the specialist tools, skillset and resources to plan, create, optimise and distribute bite-sized visuals into your marketing campaigns with the aim to drive results.

Crunch Time

Data has always been a big deal but in this day and age, the impact of data is revolutionary as once was the Internet. Thanks to the Computer Networking Revolution, we now live in a globalised and connected world where the flow of information has changed our perception of space and time. Digital has taken over traditional/manual means of collecting, interpreting and actioning information because now we have digital storage and processing capabilities that allows synchronised planning, and a dynamic connection and fulfilment to customers, and much more. 
According to Industry experts: there have been steady and dramatic improvements in recent decades with the state of data. Our conclusion is that the data revolution will go down in the history of science and technology. 

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