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Posted by Bella   07/11/2017

Why SEO is the glue in the website design process

Modern and contemporary website design processes are essentially associated with branding, information architecture and content. However, none of these elements considers the what, who, why, when and how people are searching unless it has SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) working for it. Thus, it is paramount that SEO is included in the design process from the outset.

SEO is all about user intent and meaning. What do people intend to look for, who are they (type of audience), why do they intend on buying/leaving a particular product/service, when are they searching and how are they searching. With this type of analytical detail in place, an SEO marketer can mine the data to work to your advantage, such as, provide relevant information and tailor search results to your user-needs.

Should you think of your website as a recipe for success, then you should consider all the key ingredients. SEO is the glue to the mix of quality web design and branding, outstanding user experience, amazing content and much more. The result of including SEO in your entire web processes will be a positive response to your website marketing efforts, that is not only beneficial to you and the search engines, but to your niche market. After all, what good is a website if it cannot be seen by the right people?

“The most important relationship I will ever have in business is the relationship I have with my audience. Pay attention to who you do business for.” ~ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Be warned! Not all web designers and web developers will have expertise in SEO, should you require our in-house SEO services we will be happy to help you get started today. We will ensure to work prolifically with your allocated web design and developer, and if you don’t have anyone just yet, we are happy to recommend our trusted partners that we have collaborated with for over 5 years and have achieved exceptional results for our clients.

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