Top 5 reasons to be on Instagram for business

Posted by Lizzie B   01/09/2017
Instagram for business can help speed up social growth. The visual platform allows brand marketers to share visually appealing content and capitalize on the usage #hashtag power, top influencers and geo-targeting.

The Propaganda
Instagram has become a huge global success and keeps on growing! Whether Instagram is used for personal or commercial use, it is an ‘insight’ into the photo and video diaries of people and brands. Allow us to show you the top 5 reasons to be on Instagram and express to you how great it truly is.
1. A showcase opportunity 
Instagram can be considered as the new form of micro-blogging, similar to the likes of Pinterest, Snapchat and other social platforms. Sharing images or videos allows people around the globe to connect with you and, or your brand. 

2. A social factor
Not only will your brand create memorable images, you can also share them with the world (unless you’re private) and people can comment and (heart) your images. This increases engagement and likeability with your audience.

3. A visual diary establishment 
There is nothing better than releasing a photo, video or story that can mean so many things, a way of showing  your emotions or current thoughts, events, products, or even to capture a personal favourite memory, what better way is there than to share it on Instagram with your audiences.

4. An opportunity to flourish creativity 
Whether it’s taking a corporate selfie or taking a photo for your blog. Connecting with Instagram will reveal your brands creativity and capturing skills that will bring a photo to life. 

5. A ingenious approach to connect

Similarly to twitter and other social platforms, hashtags are a way to identify common interests on specific topics. Whether your business is in fashion, make up, travel or other, you can connect, share and engage with many more Instagrammer’s.

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