The Purple Reign

Posted by Eva   27/05/2017
On May 24-26th 2017, Salford University (The school of Arts and Media) in collaboration with Middle Tennessee State University (The Department of Recording Industry) had brought a 3-day interdisciplinary conference on the life and legacy of Prince to Manchester - the heart of the digital and creative industries. 

Purple Reign Conf

Being in the digital creative industry ourselves, we believe this was an amazing idea. A truly creative, digital concept in memory of Prince. 

Although it was no secret that Prince had a love, hate approach towards digital technology and the internet, we have no reason to deny his timeless cultural impact, icon status and global legacy across multi-channel media platforms. 

Here at Purple Dove Media, we have found it interesting that the #PurpleReignConf presented significant aspects of Prince’s creative influence in music, sound and video technology, visual arts, performance, film, literature, culture, design, fashion, digital media and more.

In fact, The Purple Dove Media brand was created and influenced by his legacy. Hence, why we feel the need to express our sparked interest in the #PurpleReignConf and our gratitude. 

In our line of business, we trust that with any brand, it’s the personality behind the brand that drives it forward. 

How Prince inspired our brand creation…

The psychology of using animals as well as colours in branding and design advertising encompasses several perceptions. In Purple Dove Media’s case, in particular the logo, instantly connects brand colours and elements in union with Prince’s influence. 

The colour purple in aesthetic logo and brand design denotes wealth, success, wisdom and creativity and the colour white denotes a sense of balance and calmness. These are all symbols that the former symbol himself Prince had represented in his career. 

The significance behind the dove signifies peace, spirituality, and harmony. Our careers are based on a foundation of both, personal and business quests to create, nurture, grow and strive for success in everything that we do. 
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