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Top 10 Reasons why businesses should invest in Organic SEO

Posted by Bella   15/05/2017
For any business, operating products and services over the internet should know that organic SEO is crucial to their Internet Marketing strategy.  We have listed here top 10 reasons why businesses should invest in organic SEO.

1. SEO is cost effective 
If you use Pay per click (PPC) advertising you will notice this can be a cost-effective investment for the short term but expensive for long term. With an active organic SEO strategy, you can earn your spotlight in the search engines natural search listings making it both, cost effective and a long-term investment. 

2. SEO can be evaluated to work for you
Organic SEO can be tracked and measured and it’s good to remember that data doesn’t lie. The purpose of organic data analysis is to evaluate the organic SEO processes in place, to see what’s working, what’s not and how to make amendments to make it work for you.

3. Organic SEO has emerged with the rise of mobile
A few years ago, organic SEO was simply all about the web, nowadays optimising for web and mobile devices play significant roles in search engine ranking.

4. Your Competitors are doing it

If you competitors are investing in organic SEO and your business is not, it should be no surprise that your competition is doing better. They’re already ahead of the game. Start now and you have a chance to join them or beat them.

5. SEO has good intentions for your users 
Organic SEO will help people find your business in natural search listings because the search engines will identify with your optimised pages. The search engines will match search queries with your web pages that have specific or relevant content that can meet there needs.

6. SEO builds online trust and credibility
Whether your domain is new or old, without SEO working for you, your website will fail to attract visitors, leads or sales.  When it comes to SEO the age of your website matters but so does the value to your users and to the search engines. 

7. SEO leverages with social sharing
Today, Social Media is like the internets ‘lightsaber’ he who thrives survives. SEO awakens the force with optimised content and links and social sharers give it leverage.

8. SEO helps to grow your brand
No matter how big or small your brand is, SEO will help your brand grow. Raising your online awareness will naturally raise your brand awareness. 

9. SEO targets your niche audience and attracts relevant traffic
The sole purpose of SEO is to be found in the search engines, naturally if your webpages are being seen then users will click on your pages.

10. SEO can be outsourced
If you don’t know how to carryout ethical SEO process or perhaps you just don’t have the time, it is possible to hire a digital marketer to help manage the entire process for you.
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