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Popular social media sites for UK businesses

Posted by Bella B   29/02/2016
With the increase of popularity in social media sites, they have become a tool for advertising and reaching customers in business settings. Because these sites are great for personal and professional communication and networking, they are being utilized more every day. The top 10 social networking sites, their purpose and their professional benefit to businesses are discussed in this article.

Although this site has had some contenders for its #1 spot, this is still the most popular social media site because it is currently the most visited site in the world, excluding markets: Brazil, Poland, Russia, Japan, China, South Korea and Vietnam. Originally it was used for peers and classmates to interact but it has taken a much larger form. Businesses can design applications and even make their own pages to market their products amongst other benefits.

It seems that almost every commercial business has a reference to this social site. It was developed to allow users to communicate via SMS, or text message. People who are registered to this site send "tweets" in this manner. Anytime you see "#", also known as hash tag, twitter is being referenced. Once a company has followers, any information that they release on their page will instantly be sent to the followers as well.

This social media site was designed with professionals in mind for b2b business. Companies can use this site for advertising, job recruiting and project collaboration. Because of this, LinkedIn is high on the list.

This site has a collection of all types of topics and products for the average citizen. With over 80 million visitors every month, businesses can definitely promote their products to a large base of consumers. This site also gives companies insightful information on new products because they can see what people are looking at and "pinning" to share with others.

This site was originally designed to play audio and video files. The video-sharing giant allows members to create pages where they can place all their media of this type in one place. Businesses can even post commercials and other product information for viewing on YouTube.

Instagram is a photo-sharing and video-sharing networking app. However, Instagram is not your typical social networking site, it is much simpler and specifically focused to its core service. Instagram has indeed proved itself to be a very popular and convenient tool for smartphone users. In addition to any business users it is an excellent social media platform for advertising.

Google Plus+
This search engine company has gone social media. It works much as the other sites do except its focus is to make postings more real. This means that pictures, videos and other media are viewed easier. This is great for businesses because you can connect to other Google products through this page.

This social networking site allows short-form blogging type content and multimedia with the option to set private or public, post, follow and re-blog other users. Tumblr’s tools can be utilized to showcase your brand to a worldwide audience and creating a social buzz.
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