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Signs your social media account has been hacked

Posted by Bella B   11/02/2016
Do you think that one or more of your social profiles have been interfered with by an unknown source? Common signs that your social media account has been hacked are:

Changes made to your profile picture;

Unknown tweets or status updates on your account;

An automated friend request, favourites, likes, follows, un-follows;

Private messages posted from you that you were unaware of;

New apps on your account from unknown purchases;

Unexpected email - push notifications that your password has been changed.

What to do if your social media account has been hacked?

Immediately change your password to a password that you have not used in the past;

Ensure that your email address is set to default;

Ensure you remove any unknown apps that are showing on your account;

Run a scan on your workstation to check for and remove unwanted threats and/or viruses;

Contact your social media friends; let them know that you have been hacked.

Tips to avoid being hacked!

Never directly provide your password to applications that connect to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter unless they direct you to the social platforms and ask you to signing directly from the official website.

Know the site you are visiting is the official site by checking the initial URL address remains the same, the logo is the official logo with the registered copyright credentials often displayed in the footer of the sites page.

Avoid using paying for, or FREE follower or like apps as you will be providing personal information to third parties and in-directly authenticating to spam your social account/s

Useful safety tips when purchasing online!

If you are looking to purchase something from a particular site ensure that the URL starts with https:// the ‘s’ meaning secure, unlike http://

Before making a purchase check that there is a small padlock icon usually at the bottom right of the page, this ensures the site takes security seriously. Still unsure do some research onto the seller or webpage that you intent to purchase on.

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