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Google Plus vs Facebook for business

Posted by Joseph P   11/02/2016
If you want to use social media for business, one of your main questions may be: which network is better for me? The Google Plus vs Facebook showdown has been going on for quite some time now among social media marketers. The reality is, each of these social networks has its unique advantages and drawbacks.

Popularity of Google Plus vs Facebook

Seeing the large success that Facebook has become, Google wanted to build a social networking site of their own in an effort to gain some of the social media market share. Things haven't always been easy for the search engine giant. In the beginning, Google Plus looked more like a ghost town than a vibrant social community. But over past months, this has changed significantly and user participation has increased by a wide margin.

Facebook is still the world's number one social media site, with over 1.19 billion users. Google Plus comes in second, with over a million users. However, this figure may be slightly inflated, due to the fact that Google has integrated many of its services and forced users of some of its other online properties, most notably YouTube, to create a Google Plus profile, even if they don't have any interest in the service.

While Google+ isn't as popular as Facebook, it is still a major player, which is something that any online business should take into consideration.

Benefits of each

Facebook is often seen as a casual environment, one where you can engage with your customers by running various promotions and giveaways. With its immense popularity, it is the place to build a large following of interested people.

On the other hand, Google Plus has an atmosphere that can be described as more professional. You can use it to network with other professionals and businesses, especially with its “Hangouts” video conferencing feature. Also, as it is part of the world's most popular search engine's products, Google Plus can also bring you great SEO benefits if you regularly post and share interesting content accompanied by links to your site which are then shared by other users.

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