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Maximise brand visibility via YouTube

Posted by Eva T   03/03/2016
Visibility through the art of video can work wonders for a brand, or even for a personal objective. There are many social media platforms where you can publish and market videos however this blog talks of one major social playing field in particular – YouTube and here’s why:

Have your own YouTube channel
Video is not only a great opportunity to pursue your marketing efforts but it’s an opportunity to publish them on the most popular and sophisticated video search engine known to man so far – even Google will tell you this! YouTube is free and widely used among billions of people with different interests; question yourself, why would you not?

Stand out from the competition
Differentiate your brand from your rivals by creating videos that will say something about your brand by providing some great video content that will get people talking and sharing your content.

Add your mark
Anyone can publish a video, but remember you are representing your brand, so add your logo and, or company mantra to each video.

Upload and share your videos in effective video format
Having the foundation of a video platform as big as YouTube, you should use it to your advantage and upload and share your videos. YouTube supports a variety of different video formats for upload including MP4 file extension, FLV, AVI, MOV, 3GPP, WebM, WMV and MPEG.

Get found effortlessly
As YouTube is a powerful search engine for video search, means that your brands videos can be found easily, provided it’s managed correctly.

Videos you favour will show up in your channel
Favouring other videos can work in your favour, it shows people what interests your brand or with any relevance to your brand.

Do it for your audience
People love to watch videos and if people find them appealing they will often watch repeatedly, subscribe to your page and furthermore like, comment and share your video content on other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Link your brand’s video
One major benefit of YouTube is that you have the ability to upload your video on YouTube and have it linked to a website, a blog, on email, on a presentation slide etc.
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