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Business: the significance of being reactive to change in the online world

Posted by PDM   10/03/2016
In recent years local and mainstream communities have seen a shift of reputable high street shops with years of credibility going out of business. Needless to say, how vital it is to be reactive when you haven’t been proactive.

Search Engines and digital marketers today have a predominant involvement in the evolution of business operations and communications online. Both have become an integral part of modern society, mainstream culture and the ‘ideal business world’.

In the words of David Kerpen, author of likeable social media "The bigger and more complicated the world gets, the simpler and more connected and transparent it gets as well"

Digital Media has impacted the World Wide Web in both social and business communications.  With the competitive nature of the web, there are niche sites for virtually every sector, industry or interest out there using various methods of advanced multimedia platforms to enable photo, video, audio upload, download and sharing.

The efficiency of search engines, social media sites and the rising figure of online business sums up a very large entity. ‘Competition is large’ and your business can’t afford to stay behind because of the lack of, or zero-sum of proactivity.  Time for plan b ‘react’, give your business the chance to stand face to face with the competition and even outrank it.

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