The power of testimonials and online reviews for your business

Posted by Eva T   30/10/2016
Website testimonials and online reviews are powerful word-of-mouth gateways in an online world. A well-known review site like Trip Advisor has proved this. 

People like yourself that use the Internet to search for people, businesses, products and services also like to hear what other people (via personal experience) have said before making any decisions. Feedback can be very valuable to both a business and a potential client (user). For a business positive, fair or negative comments can help determine what a business is doing right or wrong and where it can improve. For a potential client positive, fair or negative comments can motivate or demotivate and encourage or discourage a user to visit or make contact with a certain business.

Ultimately the more positive the feedback a business earns, the higher the ranking potential and the reality of it is that people tend to follow the majority of the votes. This alone proves the power of online reviews for your business. If your business has not received any online reviews on a review site, search engine or even a social media platform; it would be a good idea to have an online review plan devised in your digital marketing strategy. 

Additionally website testimonials are just as powerful as online reviews. Website testimonials are held in honour in a digital declaration format to a specific person, business, product or service compiled by an existing or past customer. Having client testimonials on your website will naturally showcase the good things that they have said about your business brand. 

If your business website does not include testimonials, it’s a good idea to introduce this feature. 
Overall having website testimonials and online reviews influences potential client users to make more grounded decisions about your product and, or service over your competitors. 

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